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Stars of the Week


Wilberforce House Stars

  • Hazel Ng, RB - For excellent estimating and problem solving using her counting in twos, fives and tens knowledge.
  • Madeline, RY - For excellent problem solving in her number work.
  • Thea R, 1Y - For a very interesting letter to the monkey. 
  • Garrance - For a very creative picture of a giraffe.
  • Juliette, 1B - For being a good friend to the other girls - kind and caring.
  • Nieve , 2Y - For asking intelligent questions to extend learning an got always working hard.
  • Valeria R, 2B - For working hard in Maths.
  • Alexandra 30 - For being a wonderful 'head for the day'.
  • Ciara, 3H - For a caring and thoughtful attitude.

Spencer House Stars

  • 4V Jasmine, for excellent participation in lessons and showing willing to have a go. 
  • 4M Olivia O, for excellent English homework and reading journal entries.
  • 5M Senna, for excellence all round in class and working brilliantly in cricket with her bowling accuracy.
  • 5H Amelia M, for showing excellent perseverance in Maths.
  • 6S Sophia, for always being so enthusiastic and helpful.
  • 6B Kyla, Bethan W & Lily Jo B who wrote such an imaginative and amusing character study together.