Study girls recieving the house cup

Our houses

In the early years, from Reception to Year 2, the girls know the houses by colours. From then on, our four houses are called Sidford, Farman, Roney and Archer. Each house has its own special history and motto.

Sidford and Farman are named after The Study’s two founding Headmistresses. Roney is named after former pupil, Margaret Roney, who sailed in the 1928 Olympics and went on to become Lady Mayor of Wimbledon. Archer is named after former pupil, Evelyn Archer, who became District Commissioner of the Girl Guides in Wimbledon.

Girls are put into their house in the lead up to joining Reception and siblings will always be put into the same house.


Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself


Work hard and play well


Everything you do is important


Do your best and you will shine

What does the House System mean in school?

Our house system fosters cross-year group involvement and allows positive behaviour reinforcement

  • House points are awarded to pupils for behaviour that demonstrates putting our school values into action, from being charitable to great team work, as well as for academic achievement
  • House totals are read out every week in assembly and notice boards display achievements from each house
  • There are regular competitions between houses, involving both sporting and non-sporting activities. The school’s annual Sports Day is a much-loved school-wide event where each house competes
  • Rewards are organised for the winning house at the end of each term and, at Spencer House, the coveted house cup is awarded at the end of the year, always a great honour for the winning house.


The awarding of house points allows positive behaviour reinforcements and encourages us to put our school values into action

Competitive spirit

Our houses provide opportunities for the girls to form friendly rivalries and recognise the achievements of their fellow house members


Whole school house activities offer our girls the opportunity to mix with older and younger children and staff, and work collaboratively on challenges and events

“Green house is the best house! It’s so exciting when we are told we’ve won the most house points in assembly. My sister is joining Reception next year and she’ll be in Green house, too”

Freya, Year 1 pupil

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