Our aim is to provide a warm, open and happy space for learning at The Study. We have a whole school approach to wellbeing and this relies on everyone – staff, parents and pupils alike – working together and supporting each other.

There are many ways wellbeing is woven into school life, from nutritious lunches to provide sustenance and support wellbeing to the importance placed on having time to play and the friendship benches in both playgrounds. We strive to see the whole child when supporting their wellbeing; looking at life at home and school, extra curricular activities and relationships in the wider community.

We have a School Council to give pupils a voice, we teach the children to use the internet safely and responsibly, and we make sure transitions within the school are centred first and foremost around the pupils’ wellbeing.

Study girls laughing in Wilberforce House playground

Form Teachers… our wellbeing superheroes

Form teachers play a key role in ensuring the wellbeing, happiness and academic welfare of each pupil in their class.

Our form teachers are exceptional in their ability to recognise individual needs and the school prides itself on the open line of communication that exists between form teachers and parents.

All staff play their part and the girls know they can turn to any teacher if they have a problem or are feeling unhappy. Alongside this, the girls are also encouraged to look out for each other as they go about their day.

Meet our form teachers

Study girls hugging in Wilberforce House playground

Values-based education

In addition to promoting our four school values – compassion, curiosity, creativity and courage – we focus on a different value each half-term. This could be, for example: respect, friendship, love, trust, responsibility or kindness.

We create a range of opportunities, both in lessons and during assemblies, to reflect on the value in question.

An important part of the success of this programme is ensuring we keep parents informed about the values we’re focusing on. In doing this, girls can be encouraged to share what they’ve been learning and explore the same values at home.

Study girl playing with football in Wilberforce House playground

The PSHE Curriculum

All year groups have a weekly Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) lesson. These lessons are central to our wellbeing support, developing the girls’ listening skills and their confidence to talk about their own, and others’, feelings.

We cover topics including healthy bodies, understanding yourself and celebrating difference. Once a term the girls have a lesson based on a particular topic from EQPrep’s social and emotional learning curriculum, such as managing anxiety in the moment and healthy relationship to self.

We are always striving to find creative ways to bring learning about wellbeing into school life, whether that’s yoga and mindfulness sessions, heading outdoors for an art class, reflecting upon the benefits of meditation in RE, or getting physically active in games.

“I have nothing but good things to say about pastoral care at the Study”

Year 3 parent


We are a mutually supportive community, which includes the girls, their parents and all the staff, teaching and non-teaching


We provide a warm, open and happy environment where Study girls feel secure and valued

School wide

We have a whole school approach to wellbeing, it’s woven through all aspects of school life

Study girls playing table tennis

EQPrep at The Study

EQPrep at The Study is our unique mental health and wellbeing provision, which weaves through our PSHE and values-based education, and supplements how we deliver our mental health curriculum.

The dedicated programme offers a whole-school approach to developing emotional intelligence and puts mental wellbeing at the heart of school life – and the curriculum – for pupils, parents and staff.

We believe that problems, however big or small, are best addressed when they first arise and that social and emotional learning scaffolds a child’s academic success.

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Study girl using a rolling pin

Parent talks

Our wellbeing learning isn’t limited to pupils. A number of face-to-face and virtual parent talks are held throughout the year, focusing on a range of wellbeing topics, from managing anxiety and talking to children about death to nutrition and talking about the news.

“The talks are fabulous. It’s great to be able to learn ways in which we can support our children to look after their wellbeing, especially practical tips around managing anxiety. It’s reassuring to talk with other parents too, as you don’t feel so alone.”


“It’s great to see that mental health and wellbeing are such a big focus, especially following the pandemic. My daughter knows who to talk to if there’s a problem and she is being taught to look after her own wellbeing, which is great.”


“We are so grateful to The Study for nurturing our daughter to be happy, confident and kind yet resilient and hardworking.”

Past parent

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