The right senior school

Selecting the right senior school is an important decision, which can feel stressful for pupils and parents. We’re here to support you through the process, ease any anxieties and help ensure all our girls, and their families, find the whole experience a positive one.

  • We believe there is no ‘best’ senior school, but that there will be a right senior school for every Study girl
  • Our team excels in working closely with each pupil and her family to find the right school for her onward educational journey
  • Over the seven years they are with us, we work hard to understand each of our girls for who they are and what their strengths are, and we tailor our learning to support their burgeoning talents, strengths and characteristics
  • We work alongside parents to decide where each pupil will continue to grow and thrive
  • A huge benefit of a prep school like The Study is that it opens up so many onward options for your daughter.

“Our daughter has really shown herself what she can do and she’s done it through her own self-motivation and focus, so we are extremely happy that her efforts have been successful. I really think this has been a period of self-discovery for her (as well as for us!). We are sincerely grateful for all the positive support from The Study.”

Year 6 parent

In collaboration with parents

We have built excellent relationships with senior schools and have honed our curriculum in the prep years to meet their different admissions needs, without compromising on our excellent academic standards or renowned breadth and creativity.

We invite all parents to an 11+ information session in Year 5 where you’ll meet with our expert team, who’ll map out the process we’ll guide you through in Years 5 and 6. In addition, you will meet with the Head and other senior staff to discuss your daughter’s many options for moving on.

We also offer a Biennial Future Schools evening, where parents get the opportunity to meet representatives from a range of schools to which the Study pupils regularly move on to.


We’re proudly independent and not affiliated to any senior school, so you can rest assured our advice is focused solely on what’s best for your daughter.


By the time Study girls reach the prep years, we know their strengths, talents and stand out characteristics. This, coupled with our knowledge about senior schools, means we’re perfectly positioned to help you select a school.


Our Head and expert team excel in working closely with each pupil and her family to find the right school for her onward educational journey, offering advice and guidance every step of the way.

“I wanted to mention just how important and impactful the pastoral care and kindness has been this year from the teaching team. They have truly made our daughter feel that they believe in her and have provided encouragement all the way, which has made such a difference to her confidence.”

Year 6 parent
Adventure clibming frame at Spencer House

A supportive and stress free 11+

Our number one priority is that Study girls enjoy their childhood for as long as possible, but we’re aware we need to balance this with ensuring they’re ready for the challenge of the 11+.

We therefore begin gradual, gentle preparation for the 11+ from Year 3 onwards so that, by the time they reach Year 5, our girls are ready for a planned programme of practice papers. We introduce regular tests to give pupils experience in time management and different types of exam format.

Importantly, we also give our girls the tactics and techniques to manage anxiety with dedicated EQPrep sessions. We always advocate that rest, downtime, sleep and friendship are equally important fuel for success as learning.

Our girls have freedom to develop their own thoughts and ideas, which will help them stand out at interviews, and each pupil takes part in mock interviews with our Head in the Autumn Term of Year 6.

“Instead of feeling nervous about 11+ exams, I encourage parents to see them as a wonderful opportunity. It is normal, and expected, to feel anxious about sitting exams but these are the first of many examinations the girls will sit and this is a chance to model a calm, confident, 'can-do' approach that will serve them well in the future.”

Jules Oakshett, Mental Health & Wellbeing Consultant

Leavers’ destinations

Our girls are consistently successful in gaining places at a range of impressive, often highly selective senior schools and we are incredibly proud of their achievements.

Take a look at our leavers’ destinations  

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