How will The Study support my child’s wellbeing?

The Study is a caring, nurturing school. We want the girls to feel secure and valued while learning mutual respect and a sense of responsibility for one another.

All children have a Form Teacher (otherwise known as our wellbeing superheroes) who is usually a child’s most familiar adult and the person most available for them, but every staff member plays a role in ensuring the girls are happy and thrive in all aspects of school life.

We’re a mutually supportive community and encourage a partnership between the girls, their parents and the staff.

Our wellbeing programme is supported by the amazing work of the EQPrep team, who play a valuable part in our PSHE programme, building the children’s resilience and helping them to understand their emotions and mental wellbeing.

What can I do if I am worried about my child’s wellbeing?

If you have any concerns about your daughter, your first point of contact should be your child’s Form Teacher. They will ensure your concerns are listened to and will then liaise with the appropriate member of staff to best support your child.

It’s our aim to build positive and open relationships with our girls’ parents and we pride ourselves on effective communication. We actively encourage you to speak with us promptly about any concerns you may have.

What can my child do if she has a worry or a problem?

There are many ways our girls can communicate that they have a worry or a problem. We suggest they speak to their Form Teacher or Teaching Assistant, who can offer them initial guidance or support.

Girls at Spencer House can make an appointment for a lunchtime ‘EQChat’ with Jules Oakshett, our Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultant, who will offer a short, confidential solution-focused support session.

Parents of girls at Wilberforce House can get in touch with Jules if they feel that their daughter would benefit from an ‘EQChat’ session.

The girls are encouraged to talk to any adult in school if they have a problem and are reassured regularly that no worry is too big or too small.

Does The Study have a school counsellor?

We have our own Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultant, Jules Oakshett, who is a fully qualified HCPC Registered Art Therapist, Systemic Practitioner, Parent Coach and School Counsellor.

Jules runs EQPrep at The Study, which is a bespoke, dedicated mental health and wellbeing programme that embeds a whole-school approach to developing emotional intelligence in children.

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How does The Study deal with bullying?

Bullying is not tolerated at The Study and we have a very clear Anti-Bullying Policy.

Our values encourage kindness, tolerance and respect towards one another at all times. These values are embedded in school life through our PSHE lessons, during assemblies and form time and within EQPrep’s programme of activities.

The girls are encouraged to talk to any adult in school if they have a worry or a problem around bullying, or our Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultant, Jules Oakshett, is available to them.

How much pastoral time do pupils get within the timetable?

Form time provides a daily opportunity for pastoral care and Form Teachers are able to use this time to check in with the girls on their wellbeing and general happiness.

All year groups have a weekly Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) lesson. During Year 5 and 6 the focus of these lessons includes current affairs, to support the girls further with the 11+ process and beyond. Other areas of PHSE – such as healthy bodies, understanding yourself and celebrating difference – are also covered in form time and within other subjects.

Once a term the girls have a creative workshop based on a particular topic from EQPrep’s social and emotional learning curriculum.

What is the structure of the pastoral team at The Study?

Form teachers and class teachers are responsible for the daily welfare of the children.

They are supported by the Head of Wilberforce House and the Head of Spencer House. The Deputy Head has oversight of all pastoral matters in the school.

What is The Study’s approach to relationships and sex education (RSE)?

We believe that teaching RSE in school is important as it prepares children for growing up in today’s society and allows them to learn about, and discuss, issues in a factual, age appropriate manner within a safe environment and under the guidance of a trusted adult.

We teach the Jigsaw RSE curriculum as part of our school-wide PSHE curriculum.

How will you support my daughter with the transition of starting school and beyond?

Whether your daughter is just starting at The Study, moving into a new year group or preparing to start senior school, every transition period is carefully anticipated and managed to reduce the chance of it having a negative impact on her wellbeing and academic success.

Starting school is a big transition for all children and we support you and your daughter every step of the way with regular communications and events, from talks about emotionally preparing your daughter for school to information packs with what to expect in the first few weeks. In the summer term your daughter will be invited to join a ‘stay and play’ session to meet her new teachers and class, whilst parents will get the opportunity to meet and talk over coffee.

Each Summer term, girls from across the school spend time in their new classroom on a Moving Up Day, where they can get to know their new teachers. This supports an anxiety free return to their new year group in the Autumn term.

When girls move from Wilberforce House in Year 3 to Spencer House in Year 4 we arranage a number of transition sessions and they are teamed up with a Year 6 buddy to help them settle into their new setting.

Transitioning to senior school can feel like a scary process, but we support parents and Study girls through the whole process, so taking the next step is a stress free experience for all.

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