Our ethos

Our ethos

The Study has been educating and inspiring girls in Wimbledon Village since 1893. In that time, we’ve developed a strong sense of what we like to call Study spirit… who we are, what we stand for and what it means to be a Study girl.

Our ethos centres around positive attitudes and aspirations.

A well-established school, grounded in a long and successful history, we promote four core values – compassion, curiosity, creativity and courage – which encapsulate what it really means to be a Study girl.

“I felt my daughter would be allowed to be who she wanted to be, to suit her best, whilst still getting every possible opportunity.”

Reception parent

“It’s great to see that mental health and wellbeing is such a big focus, especially following the pandemic.”

Year 2 parent

Our Aims

  • To provide a stimulating and exciting environment which is also calm, happy and secure, in which each girl is recognised as an individual
  • To set the girls on the road to lifelong learning by developing a love of knowledge and equipping them with skills for their future study
  • To enable girls to work together harmoniously, developing a sense of responsibility towards others in the school community and in the wider world
  • To provide a challenging, broad and balanced curriculum designed to maximise the potential of each individual irrespective of their needs
  • To provide opportunities for girls to develop their confidence and acquire excellent communication, interpersonal and presentational skills
  • To provide the best chance possible of achieving a place at a senior school that can cater for their talents and abilities

Our girls are

Study girls making heart shapes at Wilberforce House


In a world where we could all show more compassion, we strive to teach our girls the lifelong value of being both kind to themselves and caring, considerate and supportive towards each other.

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There’s no such thing as a silly question at The Study Prep. We encourage pupils to pursue their curiosity at every turn, always asking questions and never being afraid to challenge and be inquisitive.

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GIrls in performing arts space at Wilberforce House


Above all we aim to help our girls embrace creativity in everything they do, from problem solving and critical thinking to decision making. Study Prep pupils are encouraged to be imaginative and inventive – prepared to try something new and not scared to make mistakes.

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Study girl taking part in high jump at Wibledon Park Athletics Track


At The Study, our courageous girls learn to try new things and take risks, to have the self-belief to be different and the resilience to overcome setbacks. We guide them in learning to have the integrity to be true to themselves and the confidence to pursue their dreams.

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“Conclusive proof that all-girls education from an early age can be simply brilliant. ”

The Good Schools Guide

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