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Young Art Competition Results

19 winning entries will be displayed at The Royal College of Art!

We are delighted to announce that the results for the Young Art Competition are back. 19 of our girls' artwork pieces have been selected to be exhibited at The Royal College of Art. The exhibition will take place between the 26 and 29 April, and we can't wait to see them displayed. A special mention to Emily C, Coco W, Sofia S, Jessica H and Zuki Z, whose entries were either commended or highly commended. 

A very big well down to our girls whose artwork has been selected for the exhibition. 

Mia Gourgey
Emily C (highly commended)

Year 3
Ellin K

Year 1
Coco W (highly commended)
Vivienne T

Year 4
Grace L
Mila VB
Annabelle S
Zuki Z (commended)

Year 2
Regine L
Audrey S

Year 5
Amy W
Alice F
Isabel C


Year 6
Sofia S (commended)
Jessica H (commended)
Abigail S
Lara A
Alex S

Wilberforce House winners

Spencer House winners