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Supporting WaterAid

Natasha G and Alexis S from Year 4 talk in House assemblies about WaterAid.

WaterAid is our chosen charity for the Spring Term. Natasha and Alexis were keen to introduce the school to their important work and suggested talking at an assembly.

Yesterday, they delivered their assembly at Spencer House and talked about how we take easy access to clean water for granted and told us all about the amazing work WaterAid does. Today, they visited Wilberforce House and delivered the same presentation for our younger girls at Wilberforce House.  

The girls spoke compellingly about clean water being a basic human right and encouraged pupils and staff to get friends, family and the Government to support WaterAid.

Plenty of fundraising is already underway. We have held a quiz at Spencer House and three of our year 4 girls have been selling handmade items during lunch this week. £60 has been raised so far, and we're sure that the words of Alexis and Natasha will inspire more funds to be raised after half term!