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Dreams and Goals Assembly Series

Parents give inspiring talks about their jobs. 

The theme of this half term’s PSHE programme is Dreams and Goals and we asked if any parents would be prepared to talk to the girls in assembly about their jobs. 

An important message was displayed in the hall: I am a girl, I am smart and strong and I can do anything! 

Mrs Skinner shared stories from the construction industry
Mrs Skinner’s talk was the first in the series; she spoke to the girls at Spencer House about a career in the construction industry.  She opened their eyes to the many different opportunities within the industry and encouraged them to think about engineering. The girls were interested in the stories of large construction mitigating the impact of climate change and helping to create a cleaner, greener environment.

The girls asked many interesting questions and afterwards enjoyed trying on the hard hats.

Dr Kate and Dr Priya shared their stories of working as a doctor and a dentist 
On Monday Dr Kate and Dr Priya spoke to the Wilberforce House girls about their jobs as a doctor and a dentist.  As well as talking to the girls about their jobs, they talked about how to lead a healthy lifestyle – keeping fit, hygiene, cleaning teeth thoroughly and the importance of a balanced diet.

Some more parent talks are planned for the coming weeks.