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Inter-house Football Tournament

The results are in! Farman wins our festive football tournament. 

Just before Christmas girls in Years 3 to 6 took part in an exciting inter-house football tournament. The girls showed great team spirit on the pitch as they enthusiastically supported their house team mates and showed some great ball skills too.  

Good spirited rivalries were formed, and we look forward to seeing these reprised for Spring Term's netball tournament! A big well done to Farman House for their winter win.   

Here's an overview of the scores:

Year Group results
Year 3 - Roney 
Year 4 - Roney 
Year 5 - Farman 
Year 6 - Farman 

Overall results
Archer - 18 points
Farman - 46 points
Roney - 41 points
Sidford - 21 points

Go Farman! 

Go Sidford! 

Go Archer! 

Go Roney!