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What's It Like To Live In Art?

Chiara from Year 6 found out when she spent the weekend at A House for Essex. 

Chiara and her family were lucky enough to stay at this unique and eccentric house, designed by Grayson Perry as a fully immersive experience of Perry's fictional character Julie Cope.  

She spent each morning painting colourful pictures at the kitchen table inspired by the tapestries, ceramics and stories that surrounded her in the house.

Chiara said this about her weekend living in art: "I really enjoyed the fact that there was art everywhere. Also, I loved the big tapestries in the bedrooms. You could stand on a balcony and look out over the living room with a life size sculpture of Julie Cope. The whole house was linked to the theme of her life – there was even an empty stone coffin in the garden!"

What a wonderfully unique experience for Chiara and her family!