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Year 3 Enjoy a Christingle Service

The girls head to Westminster Abbey for a special Advent service filled with candlelight.

Year 3 took part in the Christingle Service at Westminster Abbey last week, in aid of The Children’s Society.  It was a special service with an address given by the Bishop of London.  The girls all sang beautifully and shared with us what they enjoyed most about the event.

Alexandra, “I found the stories that were told about the Children’s Society very interesting.  They were about light overcoming darkness and hope taking away fear.” 

Olivia, “ When I was looking at the candle flame, I felt calm and peaceful.”

Ciara, “I have never been in such a huge and old church before.”

Sienna, “I liked looking at the shapes and colours around the abbey.”

India, “I loved the Christingle service because we got to sing songs and light our candles.”

Sophie, “The candle on my Christingle shone so brightly!”