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Fencing success for Satomi!

Our Gold medal winner joins fencing club to give a special demonstration.

Satomi from Year 6 won the Girls’ under 12 category at the Newham Swords Junior Foil Competition at the weekend, fighting against fencers from clubs in London, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. 

Special permission was given for Satomi to join a fencing demonstration at fencing club this week, and to show the Year 3 girls in the class her gold medal. Her medal is the culmination of many, many hours of practice and a wonderful example of hard work, determination, and mental strength paying off.

Satomi started fencing with the Study in Year 3 and for the first full year of competition while in Year 4 she failed to make the podium at Newham. However, she battled on with training through lockdown and currently trains 3 times a week.

She showed great resilience at the competition given that she knew several girls had beaten her previously, and she had to stay at the tournament without parental support due to Covid restrictions. Her wires snapped and her blades had to be fixed too, but she managed to stay calm, composed and focused.

We are sure that our Year 3 girls have been inspired by Satomi's journey to success. She will continue her classes at Epsom College when she joins the school in September.