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Get into gardening this half term

Year 5's Abi shares her top tips for getting started. 

Abi in Year 5 has found an outdoors pursuit that not only helps her to connect with nature and the calming benefits that brings, but is also great fun — gardening! She is out in her garden each and every weekend and her hard work is paying off. 

This is Abi's fantastic garden vegetable patch:    

Abi started growing these two lemon plants (Matilda and Newbie) from seed in Year 3: 

Abi's charity fundraiser this week is gardening kits in compostable pots. All donations for the pots will go to our charities of the Summer Term — Choose Love and SPEAR.

When we asked Abi what she loved about gardening and any tips she had for her friends at school who might want to give it a go, she explained:

"I like to grow leaves as they give off carbon dioxide which is good for the planet.  I also like to be outdoors and get my hands dirty. In terms of tips; just have a go.  Maybe start will plugs (plants from seeds that have already been potted one). Some things won't grow, or they will be eaten by the squirrels, but that doesn't matter.  The more we plant, the better." 

If Abi has inspired you to get planting with your daughters over the half term break, then make sure you send us some photos of what you try out in the soil.

You could also get involved in the Merton Garden Streets Initiative. A great way to get more plants and bees onto our local streets.