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Wombling around Wimbledon ​​​​​​​

Year 3 have been exploring the local area.

This Half Term, as part of their local environment topic, Year 3 girls have enjoyed three trips out and about in the local area. The girls will be drawing on their experiences to compile brochures about places to visit in Wimbledon!

Meeting the rangers on Wimbledon Common
The girls were fascinated to hear about the rangers' role in looking after the common and that of the horses. They were excited to see the resident owl and enjoyed visiting the windmill.

Wimbledon Village walk
On their walk around Wimbledon Village the girls completed tally charts to determine what the different buildings represented. They were amazed to see so many clothes shops and restaurants!

Cannizaro Park visit
In Cannizaro Park they checked for evidence of litter and possible Womble sightings. They  didn’t see any but the girls enjoyed strolling round the gardens and looking for bins with Orinoco on the front.