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Bubbly Maths Workshop

A day of maths fun for Wilberforce House.

On Wednesday, we held Bubbly Maths Workshops at Wilberforce House.

Reception to Year 3 took part and the workshops were based on the theme of party games.

There was lots of fun, with giant bubbles and balloon ‘metre sticks’ and plenty of slapstick, all of which enriched the girls’ understanding of a range of different Mathematical concepts. 

Through participating in fun activities and games, the girls learnt about probability, estimating, 3D shape, measuring, properties of numbers, counting for multiplication and different strategies for calculation. 

The girls investigated which 3D shape bubbles would be produced by dipping 3D-shaped bubble blowers, e.g. a pyramid into bubble liquid, which made everyone gasp and wonder.  They also estimated how many girls would fit inside a balloon metre cube, adjusting estimates along the way.  Two girls in each year group even managed to fit inside a giant bubble! 

The activities challenged the girls by encouraging them to think and problem-solve, as well as to collaborate on a number of tasks. 

It was lovely to see how much all the girls enjoyed this learning experience.



Year 1