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Miss O'Doherty joins The Study

Year 3 quiz their new teacher on Zoom!

We are delighted to be welcoming a new teacher to The Study team. Miss Erin O’Doherty joins us as Form Teacher in 3S after the Easter break. 

Miss O'Doherty was able to meet her class virtually on Zoom a couple of weeks ago. She answered a Q&A that the girls had prepared to get to know their teacher.

Here's an overview of Miss O'Doherty's answers!

Where are you from?

I am from a small seaside town in Wales called Penarth.

How long have you been teaching?

I have been teaching for about 11 years.  I started my teaching journey as an English as a Second Language teacher back in 2010 while I was living in Thailand.  When I moved to New Zealand a year later, I trained to become a primary school teacher.  

When is your birthday?

8th September!

What is your favourite subject?

When I was at school, my favourite subjects were art and Spanish.  My favourite subject to teach is actually writing because I enjoy making tasks fun and creative for my students.

Have you got any pets?

Not yet but I would like to get a puppy soon.  I grew up with a lovely Golden Retriever called Chester!

Have you got good handwriting?

I have to be honest that this is an area I am always striving to improve!  Many of you will have much neater handwriting than me!

What’s your favourite chocolate?

Terry's Chocolate Orange and Toblerone! 

Have you ever tried horse riding?

Yes, I went to a couple of horse riding birthday parties when I was a child.  I adore horses and would love to ride one around Wimbledon Common one day.

What schools have you taught at?

Rowandale School, Churchill Park School and Coombe Hill Junior School.  You might have heard of Coombe Hill because it is located in nearby Kingston.  I taught at Churchill Park School in Auckland, New Zealand for 5 years.  It was located in the middle of a park and there were always lots of cows around!  They were very friendly cows and would often come up to the fence around the playground to say hello!  Wilberforce House reminds me of my old school because it's right on the Common.

Is there an event that you really like?

I love watching live sport, especially tennis.  I can't wait to go to Wimbledon for The Championships again one day!

Why are you a teacher?

I decided to become a teacher because I wanted to be in a job where I am able to help children.  I love getting to know all of my students and helping them to become confident young learners that want to make a positive difference in this world.  Teaching is such a fun and rewarding job!

Do you have any siblings?

Yes, two younger brothers.  Their names are Alan and James.  Alan works for an insurance company and James is a fashion photographer.  He once worked on a photo shoot with the pop singer, Rihanna!

Do you have any hobbies?

Playing tennis, travelling to new parts of the world and hiking in places where the scenery is beautiful.