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Black History Month Round Up

Spencer House Girls’ Celebration of Black History Month

Last month was Black History Month, and the girls at Spencer House immersed themselves in learning through history, literature and art.  Year 4 were asked to undertake some research work about important people in Arts, Science, Literature as part of Black History Month.  They learnt more about great figures such as Mary Seacole, Nelson Mandela, Ruby Nell Bridges, Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Harriet Tubman, and Mae Jemison to name but a few. The girls then produced pictures, writing, biographies and stories about the people they researched, and their work is on display at Spencer House. Year 5 did research work focusing on Rosa Parks, and also explored Black History and Black Lives Matter poetry to learn off by heart to recite, and copied some of the most beautiful  poems written by renowned poets on slavery and Black rights.  Artworks were inspired by artists like Lois Jones and Alma Thomas, and some of the girls’ stunning works are now on permanent display at Spencer House.  Miss Ellis and Miss Gay also held assemblies through the month.