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London's Burning!

Year 2 Fire of London Workshop

Year 2 enjoyed a fascinating day of historical learning when we welcomed a special visitor to the school to share her knowledge about Stuart times, and in particular the Fire of London.  With the help of teachers and mums, this varied workshop saw eight different stations for the girls to explore, including candle making, bread making, making herbal remedies in an apothecary and embroidery. They also experienced a re-enactment of the four days in which the fire was raging through the city; an opportunity to be archaeologists and develop their investigative skills when excavating remains from the fire and a time to listen to stories about family experiences during and after the fire.  The workshop managed to bring history to life in a whole new way for the girls.  With many thanks to Nancy King and the teachers and parents who helped make the day such a successful learning experience for the girls.