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Great Women of the World!

Author Kate Pankhurst Visits The Study

The Year 3-6 girls were in for a treat when award-winning author and illustrator Kate Pankhurst, known for her series of books, “Fantastically Great Women”, visited Spencer House.  She shared her journey in becoming an illustrator and author and gave some marvellous tips on how to turn ideas into stories and drawings. She told us about some of the amazing women who appear in her latest book.  Have you heard of Eugenie Clark who became known as the ‘shark lady’?  She inspired people around the world to learn about our oceans and to respect all underwater creatures equally.  Or what about Ingeborg Beling? She helped to reveal the secret of what keeps all life on Earth ticking? 

It was a very inspirational workshop and the girls really enjoyed it. At the end of the talk Kate showed how she goes about illustrating her characters and the girls had a go themselves. It was a great precursor to Enrichment Week, which is focussing on Literacy with a fantastic Book Week at Wilberforce House and an in-depth look at Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” at Spencer House.