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London Calling!

Year 2 Enjoy a Trip to London

The Year 2 girls enjoyed a thrilling trip to central London recently to augment their learning in class about our capital city.  The girls went to The London Eye and were fascinated by the 4-D experience as well as the far reaching views of the city.  They also enjoyed a river cruise on the Thames where they saw and learnt about some key landmarks.  Here are two excerpts from accounts of the trip written by the girls:

We all got onto a big brown coach and on the coach we had a chart to count things on the way.  When we got to London we watched a 4-D film.  Next we went on a boat ad then we went on the London Eye.  From the London Eye we could see Buckingham Palace.  Finally we went on the coach back to school.  Our trip to London was amazing.  Alba

We got on the large coach and we did a tally chart as we looked out of the window.  When we got to London we had a biscuit and lined up with our partners.  Next we watched a 4-D film, it even had foam squirting everywhere!  After that, we went on a river cruise which was lovely, I liked it a lot.  Finally we went on the London Eye, it was a lovely view. I saw the Gherkin, St Paul’s, Big Ben and Tower Bridge.  Zuki