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Wild Child Campfire

"Into the Woods Finale!"

“Into the Woods”, the creative curriculum topic that the Reception girls have been enjoying, concluded with a camp fire afternoon in the Year 3 garden.  To create characters from the story 'Wild Child' by Jeanne Willis and Lorna Freytag, the girls dressed up in T-shirts they had decorated themselves with pictures of woodland creatures, perfect attire on such a sunny day!  The girls prepared sandwiches and other treats to share with their parents. The camp fire was lit in the Year 3 garden as the parents arrived to enjoy the girls singing and dancing to traditional campfire songs. To the surprise of the girls, a special guest arrived, the 'Wild Child' from the story, who was a little shy and she said she didn't like adults as they always sent children to school!!

Finally the parents and girls enjoyed the feast, after which the girls had photos taken with The Wild Child and played in the sunshine with their friends.  It was a magical and memorable event!