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Our New Charity

Year 6 Charity Presentations

The Year 6 girls all gave well researched, polished presentations, clearly explaining what the charity does and why we should support it.  Some of the girls had a personal connection with the charities they nominated.  Here is the list of charities that were in the running to be voted in as our Termly Charity:

  • Charity: Water
  • Wheel Power
  • Grief Encounter
  • Starlight
  • Street Games
  • Stem 4
  • Footsteps
  • Wood Green Animal Charity
  • YPTE
  • Dogs' Trust
  • PWSA
  • The Trussell Trust
  • The Bumblebee Conservation Trust
  • Centre Point

The charity that received the highest number of votes was YPTE (Young People’s Trust for the Environment) nominated by Rose B and Imogen L.

The Young People's Trust for the Environment is a charity set up to encourage young people's understanding of the environment. Founded in 1982, it aims to give young people an awareness of environmental issues such as climate change, pollution, deforestation and endangered flora and fauna. It also aims to provide balanced views to take into account the realities of the modern world.  Young people need to know all of the facts in order to make their own decisions about how they want to shape their world for the future.

Second was – Charity: Water UK

and joint Third – The Bumblebee Conservation Trust and The Dogs’ Trust

Imogen and Rose presented their charity in assembly at both Houses and explained that they chose the charity because they are passionate about wanting to make people more aware of how we need to look after our environment and they are particularly concerned about plastic pollution and climate change.