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Year 3 Tate Arts Project

Girls Enjoy Creative Workshop

The Tate Year 3 London wide Arts project which is being spearheaded by Academy Award winning director and artist Steve McQueen is gaining ground!  Today the Year 3 girls enjoyed a fantastic workshop run by creative writer Greg Klerkx and choreographer Sharmaine Slocombe.  The girls are exploring the theme of Identity in this second phase of the project.  Greg has asked the girls to create an imaginary suitcase to take on a desert island with them, into which they place all the things that identify them as individuals – character traits, aspirations, dreams, ambitions, etc.  These suitcases will be placed into a “vault" at the end of the workshop, and will come out when the public exhibition of this London-wide arts initiative is opened at Tate Britain in a few months time.  It was a busy and creative day, and the girls’ parents came in at the end of the session to view the work done as well as view a wonderful creative dance on the theme of “stars”.