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Charity News Update

How The Study is Helping our Friends in Africa

Ms Cuerden made some fantastic contacts when she was on sabbatical in Africa last year, and we agreed to support two wonderful wildlife charities that are not only helping endangered species but local children as well.  Firstly, through the Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery, we are sponsoring a baby orphaned elephant called Coco, and we receive regular updates on how she is doing.  Secondly, we have supported Imire Rhino and Wildlife Game Farm, on which the Numwa Primary school has been established to help educate local children whose families work and live nearby the reserve.  The school is in desperate need of funding, in particular to help with feeding the children.  The Study girls worked hard to raise funds, and the Study Association kindly supported the causes also.  We were able to send the funds raised to the Centre and school, and below is an excerpt from the thank you letter we received from the school:

“We are completely blown away by your unbelievably generous and thoughtful fund raising schemes for our little rural school in the middle of Africa.
I wish you could have been at the school yesterday when I gave them the news of your extraordinary donation from The Study Prep School. First of all to be recognized by another school in another country is  so hard to understand, that people from another country care about them ,it’s unheard of as England for them is just country on a map on a wall. Now to be having a relationship with a school in England is just unimaginable.
To receive this gift of food, which will feed 717 children in the Primary School in a time when things are so very hard as we are in a serious drought which by May will show the effects especially for those whose crops suffered, is truly such a recognition of understanding of the needs in a world which has less.
Thank you , thank you, I wish you were all here to share the joy on each child’s face, which explodes into a beautiful beaming grin at the very thought of food. One thing for certain is that the attendance rate will be high, knowing that there will be a meal for each and every one of them during winter.”