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Poetry in Motion

English Masterclass at Epsom College

Six Year 5 girls went to Epsom College for an English Masterclass this week along with five other prep schools. The focus was on poetry and exploring poetic form. They looked at some poems and had to evaluate them. They then created new poems from the lines of the given poems – changing the form of the poem, the sense of the poem and gaining ownership of the new poem. They enjoyed decorating their poem which was on ‘Rules’ and ‘Breaking the Rules’ – they found the poem a lot of fun (especially because it was essentially a ‘nonsense poem’) and they worked particularly well as part of a group/team to complete the task. They then had to read their poem out to the other groups, volunteering to go first and giving a most dramatic and confident performance!   The girls who took part had a wonderful afternoon and very much enjoyed the work and the delicious lunch provided!

The following girls took part:

Rania P, Zara E, Elsa L, Alisa B, Sophie H, Riley R

“I really enjoyed making the poem together and we had a lot of fun!” Sophie H.