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We’re Soaring, We’re Flying

High School Musical is a Triumph!

Play Review Written by Linnea Barron, Study Alumna, now Year 8, Guildford High School

Year 6 performed a humorous and vibrant production of High School Musical, involving the audience and immersing them into the performance. The complex and challenging music was executed spectacularly well and the singing was exceptional.  The Troy and Gabriella characters were superb in their solos, but all of the cast were remarkable. Detailed dances, outstanding acting, expert lighting and smooth scene changes brought the entire play to an extremely high standard.

The story begins when Troy and Gabriella meet on New Year’s Eve and soon bump into each other at their high school. Troy, an outstanding athlete, and Gabriella, a mathematical wizard, are instantly drawn to one another. They are then thrown into a detention where they are forced to help with the school musical, directed by a hilarious school drama teacher; Ms Darbus. However, drama club president Sharpay Evans and her brother Ryan Evans are not pleased when the two stars outshine them in their audition. Outraged and envious, they set out to prevent Troy and Gabriella from replacing their roles. The two teens discover a passion for the stage together, but have to overcome other pupils, different ambitions and what their parents want from them. Throughout the performance the various musical numbers engaged the audience and involved all of the cast members. Comical jokes were delivered effectively and kept the show lively, professional and energetic. Every single song, dance and line was wonderful and every part made the performance very entertaining. For the show, they used the style of Round Theatre, which meant that all angles were flawless. In the centre of the stage, the simple but effective use of stage blocks added to the performance. Costumes were fantastic and so were the testing American accents which were accomplished extremely well.  The Year 6 girls certainly proved that , “Were all in this together”.

Many thanks and congratulations go to director Claire Kirkby, choreographer, Charlie Turpin, musical director Amy Jo Brown, and the rest of the wonderful creative team.

Written by Linnea Barron, Study Alumna, now Year 8 Guildford High School