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Athletics Accolades!

National Glory for our Athletes

13 Study girls took part in the National Athletics in Birmingham this week.

All the girls did extremely well and came home with 18 Medals between them!

Year 4

Jessica D-4th Ball throw

Willow S- 2nd in 60m sprint and 1st in the Long Jump:  a New National Record!

Year 4 Relay  - Willow S, Sienna S, Rosie H and Molly A- 1st:  : a New National Record!

Year 5

Emma H- 2ND in High Jump and 5th in 75m

Issy H-2nd in 150m

Cecily M-5th in 600m

Year 5 Relay- Emma H, Issy H, Xandi  and Cecily M-2nd

Year 6

Gina- 5th in Long Jump 600m

Mabel Rose S - 1st in High Jump, 3rd in 150m

Year 6 Relay- Mabel Rose, Natalie, Gina and Sophie B

What a successful day! London West won the Junior Section as well as winning overall!  Well done to the talented Study athletes and our dedicated PE team.


More photos will be added as they come in.