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Budding Business Leaders​​​​​​​

Year 6 Flex Their Entrepreneurial Muscles

Year 6 girls really enjoyed their time when Bizworld came into school to teach them all about the business world, from coming up with original ideas, to marketing, financial planning, teamwork and sales.  Each team of girls did exceptionally well with some fantastic product ideas, which were enjoyed by rest of the school at the end of the busy week when they were able to purchase some of the products.  Well done to the winning team, the ‘Oink’ – Sara, Annabel, Isabella, Orla, Mia and Sascha.

During BizWorld week, the girls learnt about financial responsibility, leadership and teamwork. They had the opportunity to create businesses in a real-world environment and learnt by trying out our innovative ideas.

“Not every child will be an entrepreneur when he or she grows up, but we can inspire every child to have an entrepreneurial spirit: to lead confidently, think critically and creatively, be financially responsible, and understand the value of teamwork”. BizWorldUK