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Enrichment Week

Creative Learning at its Best

Girls at both Houses have enjoyed a fantastic off timetable week of exploration and learning in the lead up to the half term break.  The focus at Wilberforce House was Mathematics, and all the girls enjoyed a wide array of mathematical events and workshops to ignite their interest and inspire their learning.  At Spencer House, the girls enjoyed a week of wonder creating puppets with a professional theatre group for a creation myth performance to be showcased on Friday evening.  An overview of the week at Spencer House will be posted after half term.

A few highlights at Wilberforce included:

The Captain's Conundrum - A pirate-themed whole school maths challenge 

Wilberforce House girls were in for a treat on Monday when an unexpected visitor burst into the morning assembly, which certainly surprised Mrs Pepper who was taking assembly at the time!

The intruder was a certain Captain Richard Morgan, of the Good Ship Mathematics. His mission was to enlist able helpers to assist him solving a conundrum. He presented  a treasure map of 'Cloud Island’ and a set of baffling clues.  Could the girls use their problem solving skills and apply their mathematical knowledge to help him find the treasure?

Maths Treasure Hunt

The girls went on a treasure hunt in the playground to look for different coins, and then gave their spoils to their Captains and Vice Captains to count up in 2s, 5s and 10s.

Year 3 girls double checked the amounts at the end of the day and the money will be donated to our charity this term.


Bubbly Maths

The girls took part in fun and  interactive workshops filled with giant geometric shapes created by them  out of  card, paper and balloons. The oversized bubbles were particularly popular – especially when some of the girls were able to step into the  bubble, which covered  their entire body!


Who said maths can't be fun!