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Craft Aid International Talk at The Study

Today we had a visit from Susie Hart, founder of Craft Aid International, one of our Autumn Term Charities. 

We were interested to hear about the amazing work which the charity does to transform the lives of people with disabilities, both in the UK and overseas.   Susie founded the charity in 2003 in Tanzania and since then has set up the charity in Peru and it is about to launch in Ecuador too.

Craft Aid International gives people with disabilities (differently abled people) an opportunity to learn craft-based skills in a fun and caring environment and then use these skills to become more self-sufficient, thus transforming their lives.   

The charity also aims to change attitudes towards disability within the local community.  As well as explaining the work of the charity, Susie spoke about the importance of making everyone feel wanted and accepted, whatever their ability or disability.  At Spencer House she also encouraged the girls to follow their dreams and not to be put off by obstacles.

After her inspiring talk, Susie had the difficult task of judging the Craft Challenge which many girls had entered.  Wilberforce House girls were challenged to make any item they liked from junk material while at Spencer House they had to make something useful from junk material.   Susie was extremely impressed by the creativity and ingenuity of the girls!