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Year 2’s Forest Adventure

A Trip to Winkworth Arboretum

Year 2 enjoyed a Forest Adventure Day at Winkworth Arboretum in Godalming.  It was a beautiful, frosty, sunny day but very cold so we wrapped up well in lots of layers of clothes to keep warm.  Jon, Jackie, Sally and Helen form the Arboretum met the girls when they arrived and our adventure began. 

These are all the things that we did – 

Walked down very steep steps through the lovely trees.

Sat around the fire circle and learnt to stay safe with fire.

Went to the loo in a tent if we needed to!

Built dens in groups to keep us safe from gales, pouring rain and the bears!

Ate snacks and lunch around the camp fire.

Used flints to make sparks to see if we could light cotton wool.

Drank hot chocolate around the fire with water boiled in a big kettle on the fire.

Toasted marshmallows on long thin sticks

Kicked through the carpet of Autumn leaves.

The girls went back to school very happy!