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Artistic Accolades!

The creative girls at The Study did the school proud once again at the prestigious National ISA Art Competition 2017.  

Following our great success in the ISA Regional Art Competition where Study girls won 6 First Place pieces, 4 second places and 5 Highly Commended, our creative artists have continued to fantastic achievements in the National Competition.

All first place winners from the seven regional competitions went through for exhibition and judging at the ISA National Art Competition which took place in Coventry at the ISA Autumn Study Conference.  Congratulations to Year 1 for winning First Place in the 3D Group category with 'Baby Elephant'; to Bea Simpson for her striking African Design Cushion and Kyla Shaw-Taylor for her Castle Drawing.  Well done, Year 6 who achieved Second Place with their splendid Victorian Hat Designs.






                    The results were as follows:

 ISA Regional Art Competition 2017

          1st Place

1) Elephant - KS1 3D Group - Year 1

2) Victorian Hat Designs - KS2 Fashion Group - Year 6

3) Butterflies - KS1 Textiles Group - Year 1

4) Castle - KS1 Drawing Individual - Kyla Shaw-Taylor

5) African Themed Cushion - KS1 Textiles Individual - Bea Simpson

6) Hedgehog - EYFS 3D Individual - Elise Griffiths

2nd Place

1) Bees -KS1 Textiles Group - Poppy Keller, Ceci Russell and Allegra Delli Rocioli

2) St Paul’s Cathedral - KS1 Drawing Individual - Allegra Delli Rocioli

3) Canal Boat - KS1 3D Individual -Lilly Jo Blackwell

4) Out & About - KS1 2D Art Group - Inez, Emilia and Stefania

           Highly Commended

1) Cow - KS2 2D Individual - Henrietta Poulton

2) Owl - EYFS 3D individual - Dilara Malik

3) Monkey Business - KS1 Textiles Group - Abi,Gabriella and Aminah

4) Spikey the Hedgehog - EYFS 3D individual - Marlies Dahlstrom

5) Africa Village - KS1 3D Group - Abi, Lilly Jo, Georgina, Bea, Sofia and Gabriella