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Year 2 Trip to Kew Gardens

Bringing Learning to Life

Year 2 girls had a wonderful day out recently when they visited world renowned Kew Botanical Gardens, a world heritage site that houses the "largest and most diverse botanical and mycological collections in the world".  As part of their current creative curriculum topic, “Buzz,Buzz,Buzz”, the girls were fascinated to visit The Hive, a unique, multi-sensory experience designed to highlight the extraordinary life of bees. A feat of British engineering, it stands 17 metres tall, set in a wildflower meadow. The girls took turns to listen to the way in which the bees work hard to make honey. They also explored the Princess of Wales conservatory, the most complex of Kew's public glasshouses which contains ten different environments covering a range of tropical conditions and climatic zones.  The girls also studied minibeasts and generally had a fascinating trip out, which brought their classroom learning to life.