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Charity News Roundup

The Study's latest Charity News

The Year 6 girls gave some impressive presentations to the school on the charitable causes they had researched and wanted to put forward for The Study to support this term.  After much deliberation the charity selected for the term is BORN TO SOON.

Born Too Soon is the charity which supports the Neonatal Unit here at Kingston Hospital and has been doing so since 1985. Born Too Soon provides state of the art equipment and all the special touches for families which make life easier for them and the premature babies they care for.

An update on news from our last term’s charity FOOD FOR EDUCATION:

A representative from the Akshaya Patra Charity came to thank the girls for their fundraising last term. The girls raised an impressive £2000 which is enough money to feed a whole school one meal a day for a year. Very well done to all the girls who worked so hard on their fundraising ideas, and to our parents who gave so generously at the Whole School Production.

Finally, a few of our Study girls were involved with the schools’ triathlon organised by charity RESTLESS DEVELOPMENT, which took place at Royal Russell on 23 April. Our girls contributed to the impressive amount raised for charity on the day, and special mention should go to the teams Awesome Foursome, Dark Howlers and The Cookie Monster who raised £2280, £1466 and £790 respectively.  Well done girls.