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Be Polite!

Study Girls Mind Their Ps and Qs!

Study girls have embraced a value at the core of The Study by putting an added emphasis on being polite and courteous.  At Spencer House the value of Politeness was given the tag line of ‘Please May’ as a timely reminder for the month of May.  These opening words have served as a polite reminder to girls, especially when asking for permission from adults and also when talking to one another in a polite manner.  At Wilberforce House, the girls have been trying particularly hard to be courteous and polite at meal times, both to the adults who help them and the friends they sit with.

In assembly, girls were reminded to be respectful and considerate of others in and out of school.  Politeness continues to be evident in girls’ attitude and behaviour.  Spencer House girls designed posters to illustrate how best they could show politeness, with posters highlighting good manners. 

In addition, some girls made Recipes for Good Manners; these included such fine ingredients as:  

500g of love

700g of good manners

300g of opening the door for an adult

100g of respect

900g of saying good morning and afternoon

1kg of please and thank you

1kg of smiles                                       

By Sara Samad 4G