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Hana Mana Ganda!

Peter Pan brings Faith,Trust and Pixie Dust to Spencer House

Audiences were treated to a visual delight as the Year 5 and 6 girls performed the classic tale of Peter Pan to a packed house! Wendy and her brothers were whisked off to Neverland by Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, where they encountered the Lost Boys; a troupe of dastardly pirates led by the bitter and cowardly Captain Hook and his sidekick Smee; a very hungry and persistent crocodile; and lovely Tigerlily and her tribe of Red Indians. 

Things seemed magical and fun in Neverland at first, but when danger struck and Tinkerbell lets on where the children are hiding, things took a turn for the worse.  However, with a little faith and magic, things turned out for the best and the nasty Captain Hook met his fate as Peter defeated him and rescued Wendy.  It all ended very happily with the children returning home to their loving parents.  The audience enjoyed stunning sets and costumes, beautiful dancing, accomplished acting and great solo and group vocal performances in what was a truly memorable production!  Well done to all the girls who took part and have worked so hard, and who made the audience believe, “If you think of the Happiest Thing it’s the same as having Wings!”

Thanks to our superb Creative Arts Team, including Ms Kirkby, Mrs Brown, Mrs Zarkovic and Miss Peart who worked together to achieve such a memorable performance. 

 The Study Creative Arts Team

There is a gallery of some of the professional performance photographs which you can access in the Gallery section at the bottom of the homepage of the website, or under About Us/PhotoGalleries/Peter Pan 2016                                         Photos by Annie Trapnell