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Study Values

Responsibility Round Up

Responsibility at The Study

Throughout September all the girls have been focusing on the Value of ‘RESPONSIBILITY’.  Each class became the proud caretakers of an egg which they were entirely responsible for. These lucky eggs have been read to, been taken on playdates and are even proud residents in houses fit for royalty! Wilberforce House eggs went to Beverly Meads and many Spencer House eggs went home with different girls in the evening.  Weekly assemblies have been based around the theme of Responsibility and we were lucky enough to have Hilary bring in her guide-dog Coco, to talk to the girls about the responsibilities they had for each other.

A special assembly was held to celebrate the success of this Value and to hand out Star of the Week certificates for those girls who showed exemplary behaviour with regards to the Value, well done girls! See photo below.






See below the various pieces of writing by the girls that so perfectly illustrate the care and responsibility they took of their eggs.

Year 2B

We called our egg Katie Moregg because we are learning all about Katie Morag who lives of the Isle of Struay in Scotland.  They both have red hair.

We took our egg to diffferent places.  She came to the sports field and joined in with PE, Ballet Library time and Music.  She sat with us at lunchtime.  In fact we took her everywhere that we went during the week.  It was a big repsonsibility but we think we did a good job.

Maddy Campbell-White in Year 3 wrote:

I understand what it means to be responsible.  We looked after our class egg, "Eggdwina" and we made sure that we gave her a bed.  I am responsible when I make sure I do my homework.

Here is some work that Anna Michaels in Year 6 wrote about 6O's egg, "Freggly":

The eggs have now all been sent to a wonderful and relaxing Retirement Home, where they can ponder on the all the fantastic memeories they made during their time at The Study!

Eggs off to their luxurious Retirement Home!

Special thanks go to teachers Miss Cordery and Miss Hall for leading this special Value of the Month.  The girls have shown an amazing amount of care for their class egg in this project and we hope that you have noticed an increased responsibility in your daughters at home too, and ask that you continue to build on this value at home whilst embracing our next special Value -  October’s value of TRUST.