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Election Fever!

The Study's Own Elections

In order to reflect the country’s excitement surrounding the forthcoming political elections, the girls at The Study are holding their own elections next week – and this week has seen the candidates canvass their ideas in order to win hearts and influence minds!  The Study’s election revolves around important Values, values that the girls believe will make the school and the wider world a better place.  The candidates are the School Council representatives from each form group, and they each represent an important value which their peers have selected.  Posters, rosettes and manifestos have been prepared and the campaigning has already started.  Voting will take place on May 7th, when girls and staff may vote for their chosen value.  Watch this space to find out the results next week! 

Scroll down to the end of the text to see some of the Wilberforce House candidates, the registrars at Spencer House and also some of the fantastic campaign posters on display around the school.

WILBERFORCE HOUSE Values candidates

Reception Yellow – Politeness

Xunti Liu

Sophia Wood

Reception Blue – Sharing

Jessica Wright

Jessica Harrison

Year 1 Blue – Respect

Rheeya Shinmar

Jessica Deaconescu

Year 1 Yellow – Thoughfulness

Lola Chisholm

Chloe Hook

Year 2 Yellow – Consideration

Abigail Silverlock

Maddy Campbell White

Year 2 Blue – Honesty

Alice Clarke

Imogen Lovatt

Year 3C – Generosity

Jessica Brinkworht

Keshia Mahen

Year 3H – Supporting

Lara Holloway

Grace Henson

SPENCER HOUSE Values Candidates

4G - Friendship

Issy Edlesten

Imogen Campbell-White

Sophia Allegue

4C - Determination

Alba Galligan

Yeva Kebabdjian

Olivia Brown

5B - Kindness

Anna Michaels

Isabel Baillache

Charlotte Wood

5C - Happiness

Linnea Barron

Chloe Warbey

Isabel Boley

6M – Team Work

Willa Straus

Tamara Zahid

Charlotte Crump

60 - Love

Anke King

Sasha Wilson

Freddie Parkes