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Our Girls put on their Thinking Caps!

Maths Challenge at Surbiton High

On Tuesday 4th November,  Sophia Harley, Isla Jones, Freddie Parkes and Christina Taylor went to the Surbiton Primary Maths Challenge after being  picked out of a hat.  The Maths challenge was a Maths quiz with twelve questions in it.  There was also a prize for the school with the best hat.

Here some excerpts from the girls’ write-ups:

There were some great and creative hats.  One group had extremely tall hats with Maths signs stuck on them, another group had headbands with pipe cleaners sticking out with Maths signs stuck to them.  Our group all had different hats.  My hat was in the shape of a dice and had lots of sums on it.  By Isla Jones

Finally we were called over to our desks where we were to work.  We had an envelope/folder containing the things we might need including pencils, papers etc.  and we really did need them!

We all had different jobs that were as important as each other.  The jobs were:

Sophia-Captain ; Christina-Runner; Isla-Resources Keeper; Freddie-Time Keeper

We all enjoyed our jobs.  Of course everyone helped solve the problem, but we also had another important job which made it so fun!

The questions were not what we expected and gave us a huge surprise.  One of the things was to put together four cubes but others were completely different like:

If you were in the dark and you had 7 red socks, 5 white ones and 4 blue ones, what is the fewest number you could take out to make a pair?   By Sophia Harley

You got awarded two points for an answer you got correct the first time, one point for something you had two or more goes on but no points if you chose to move on.  We had just over an hour to complete the questions.  They were really hard!   By Christina Taylor

At the end of the quiz they announced the groups that had come first, second and third.  Unfortunately our group didn’t come in the top three but... we won the hat competition!  We were extremely pleased because each of us had worked really hard on our hats.   By Isla Jones