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Here you can keep up-to-date with all the latest news from The Study.

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  • 03/12/20

    Year 1 Charity at Christmas

    Our Stars Support Shooting Stars
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  • 30/11/20

    London's Burning!

    Year 2 Learn all about The Fire of London
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  • 27/11/20

    Spencer House Charity News

    Fundraising Fun at Spencer House!
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  • 26/11/20

    Thanksgiving at The Study Prep

    A Day for Showing Appreciation and Giving Thanks
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  • 25/11/20

    Arty Shapes in Reception!

    Girls Learn about Kandinsky!
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  • 23/11/20

    Year 5 Get Crafty for Charity!

    Hand Made Gifts for Charity
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  • 19/11/20

    Creativity and Computing

    Year 4 Girls Enjoy their DT and Coding Lessons
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  • 18/11/20

    Football and Netball Training

    Year 6 Girls Enjoy their PE Lessons
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  • 16/11/20

    Odd Socks at The Study!

    We are United Against Bullying!
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  • 12/11/20

    Festival of Lights

    Year 2 Girls LIght Up Learning about Diwali!
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  • 12/11/20

    Black History Month Round Up

    Spencer House Girls’ Celebration of Black History Month
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