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Bon Appétit!

Year 6 enjoy authentic French Fare!

Year 6 girls were extremely lucky to be treated at Café Rouge Wimbledon before half term on a fantastic culinary outing which explored classic French food and encouraged the girls to use their French and build confidence with their language skills.  Madame Gillbanks arranged for the girls to have a private room at the restaurant where they enjoyed a selection of delicious French style snacks, including Croque Monsieur, les frites, le jus d’orange to drink, and to finish off, the most delicious crêpe à la banane et à la sauce au chocolat!


Florrie in 6B had her birthday, and all the girls sang “Happy Birthday” in French whilst she blew out her special birthday candles!

  The girls are learning food and drink vocabulary in class, so the menu and their corresponding worksheet augmented  this classwork.  The girls will also create a “Thank You” card in French to send to the management and staff at Café Rouge who helped make this outing such a success.