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Fundraising Fun!

Charity news from Wilberforce House

The girls at Wilberforce House have been working hard to come up with some wonderful fundraising ideas this term.  Our youngest fundraisers, Chloe and Lola, both in Reception, have organised a “Guess the Number of Sweets in the Jar” competition, while Sophie and Yeva in Year 3 and Amelie in Year 2 have been selling their beautiful handmade bracelets to pupils and staff alike!

You could have heard a pin drop in the library this week as many girls went in at lunchtime to support Francesca and Sophia’s “Sponsored Silence” in aid of this term’s charities (see news story “Summer Term Charities”).  Girls made sure not to say a word while they read their books and even Miss Gay was spotted reading quietly in the corner!  Well done to all the girls who organised these creative fundraising initiatives.