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Summer Term Charities

Molly's Fund and Book Aid

Thank you to Year 6 girls Alissia, Anna, Clara, Jasmin, Maddie, Maya and Niamh who told all the girls and staff about our nominated Summer Term Charities: Molly’s Fund and Book Aid International at both Spencer House and at a special Wilberforce House assembly recently.  Further information on our selected charities may be found on their websites: and

Below is Niamh’s account of how this term’s charities were selected:

On Friday 2 May the whole of Year 6 in their chosen small groups presented a charity that was close to our hearts (and would be a good charity for the whole of The Study to raise money for).

15 groups represented their charities in very different ways. Some groups used props, PowerPoint presentations or made hand-made posters explaining their charity.

Once we had all presented our charities we had to vote for two charities each.  The groups with the most votes would go onto a short list.  Luckily, our charity ‘Book Aid International’ got through.

Then we had to cast our final votes for two of the charities left.  It was very close as ‘Book Aid’ and ‘Molly’s Fund’ had the same amount of votes so there had to be two winners.  Mine, Anna’s and Clara’s charity ‘Book Aid’ is all about sending books to African countries where books are very limited.  One of the most important messages in our talk is that books can change lives that lead people into a better future.  Jasmin, Alissia, Maddie and Maya spoke about “Molly’s Fund”, set up in aid of a little girl who had a brain tumour, now the charity raises funds for children with similar issues.

I am very proud that our group was one of the winners and that we will be supporting ‘Book Aid’ as well as “Molly’s Fund” this term.