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A Sweet Treat from Year 1!

The Chocolate Shop Performance

As thoughts turn to chocolate treats in the run up to Easter, Year 1 put on an enchanting performance this week based on a very chocolatey theme!  When the chocolatier created a myriad of chocolate delights including soldiers, frogs, bunnies and eggs, for his special window display, the last thing he wanted was for them not to get along.  However, the chocolate treats bickered and squabbled in order to gain pride of place in his window, upsetting the chocolate maker.  I all ended happily when they realised how silly they were being and became friends again, much to his delight!

The audience loved seeing the fantastic costumes and enjoyed the great songs and the wonderful dancing from the soldiers, frogs, flowers, bees and butterflies. They also enjoyed the humorous touches and Easter jokes from the pretty ladies, the egg jokes and frog jokes and the soldiers’ funny chocolate poem! The hall was filled with laughter - a wonderful way to celebrate the forthcoming Easter break.  Well done to all the Year 1 girls and staff for putting on such a special show!