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Sarah Lean visits The Study

Wimbledon Bookfest event a great success

The Spencer House girls were very fortunate to welcome children’s author, Sarah Lean, to The Study to talk to the girls about her books.  This was part of the Wimbledon Bookfest’s Education programme, and to launch their annual writing competition for schools.  We were joined by students from The Ursuline Prep, and we were very pleased to welcome them to the school.  It was a wonderful event, and here are some extracts from what our girls wrote about the special event:

“On 5th March, an author called Sarah Lean came to our school.  We were all impressed with her books, “Jack Pepper” and “Hero”.  She showed us her dogs, Coco and Harry, who inspired her to write her books about dogs.  Sarah Lean inspired me a lot to write and I hope she will come to visit us again one day!” 

Caroline M , Year 5C

“Sarah Lean has inspired me to write some stories and to be more aware of my surroundings.  I am going to continue to buy her books with my pocket money and I am looking forward to reading them all.  I think Sarah is an amazing person to meet and I would definitely recommend her books!” 

Maddy H, Year 5C

“I loved it when Sarah Lean talked about her books and how much she loves animals.  She showed us some pictures of clouds that made animal shapes.  I saw a dog, a rabbit and an elephant.  I really enjoyed listening to her talk about her love of animals and her books.” 

Sarah K, Year 5B


“Sarah Lean read us a part of her book called “Hero”. I loved the creative phrases and the interesting characters.  I was so engrossed by her talk that I didn’t notice time passing!”

Willa S, Year 5C