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Reception Welcome...

...more interesting visitors

Over the last few weeks, Reception girls have been lucky enough to welcome many parents and special visitors who have some very interesting jobs,that they have told the girls all about.  Last week was no exception with lots of mums and das coming in to share their experiences.  Mrs Henson spoke to the girls about her work as a jewellery designer, and the girls were able to try on some beautiful pieces, made from semi-precious stones and precious metals.  Adding to the glamorous theme, Mrs Scales visited the girls and told them all about her career as a fashion model.   Mr Gilligan who is a fund manager came to speak to the girls about the water cycle and how water gets to our homes.  The girls found out all about the world of medicine when Mr Jordan came in to talk about his work as a surgeon, and Mrs Rahman explained what it is like to be a doctor.  Mr Joyce is a solicitor and outlined his busy job to the girls and they had the chance to don legal wigs!

Also, explaining what many believe is the most important job of all, Mrs Anstey and Mrs Chisholm spoke to the girls about how rewarding and fulfilling it is to be a loving mum!  This was further illustrated when Mrs Kok-Coustar brought in her tiny baby for the girls to meet!  Thank you all so much for taking the time to come in to talk to the girls.