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Reception Visitors

Interesting career talks for the girls

Reception girls have welcomed many special visitors over the last few weeks, people who have very interesting jobs and who are able to share their knowledge and experience with the girls. 

This week, the girls listened to Mr Grunemann-Falkenberg, a property developer who explained how he buys houses, makes them look very nice and smart, and then sells them in a much better state than before. 

Mr Anstey explained to the girls that he is a business teacher who helps lots of companies run better and more efficiently.


 Mr Jenner is an investment banker and he told the girls how he looks after money and finances. 

Mr Poole explained his role in developing The Olympic Park, which all the girls found very interesting.

 The girls then also spent time with members of The Study‚Äôs own team; Jane and Christine who work very hard in the front office at Wilberforce House and Miss Gay, who explained to the girls her busy role as Deputy Headmistress.  Many thanks to all our visitors and staff for giving their time to bring their very interesting jobs to life for the girls.