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A Great Beginning to the Netball Season!

Year 5’s First Netball Tournament

On Saturday 16 September Year 5A arrived very eager and motivated to take part in a Netball Tournament at Feltonfleet school.

Our first match was against Feltonfleet.  The girls started off extremely well, demonstrating both excellent defending and attacking skills. The Study made some fantastic interceptions and used their speed to get the ball quickly down the court to our shooters. The final score ended 4-2 to The Study.

Our next match was against Hawthorns. The girls played very well; they worked well as a team and dodged nicely into space to receive the ball.  Imogen Lovatt’s shooting was on fire! The final score was 7-1 to The Study.

Our third game was against Hawthorns.  This was a tough match with both teams making it difficult for the other team to score. It ended 2-2.  The next game was against Rowan, the girls played some beautiful Netball which resulted in winning the match 7-0.

We were then up against St George’s who are a fantastic team.  The girls made some brilliant interceptions but were getting understandably exhausted and  we lost the match 5-8.

We had two matches left and having played five matches back to back the girls had to dig deep to try and find some energy.  We were up against Guildford High so we knew this would be a tough match.  The girls defended particularly well, scoring vital goals when given the opportunity. The final score was 5-4 to The Study!