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The Rocky Monster Show

Monstrous Mayhem at Spencer House!

The Year 6 end of year show is always one of the year’s highlights, and this production was no exception.  The Year 6 girls had a huge amount of fun as they dressed up as monsters, ghouls, scientists and spooky housekeepers for what was a both a hilarious and exciting musical show.  When four young unsuspecting scientists arrived at Arkham Station to visit the spooky castle, they were certainly not prepared for the horrors that awaited them!  Mrs Danvers and Evenworse, Igor and Lurch and of course Master Frankenstein and his bride were just a few of the unsavoury characters that awaited the visitors.

The acting, singing and dancing were all superb, and along with the fantastic makeup, costumes, lighting and set design, the audience were in for a rocky, raucous and memorable treat!  Well done to all the girls for their efforts and rehearsal time, and to the Creative Arts Team for their splendid organisation and direction of this  show.